Fusion Conjugate

What is it- A complete conjugate training method for strength, power & physique

What are the benefits- Strength, power, speed, athleticism, reduced injury risk, muscular endurance & physical preparedness.


What is it- An Olympic sport and an activity for athletic development

What are the benefits- Speed, strength, flexibility, power development, reduced injury risk, improved hip & shoulder stability.

Strong Man

What is it- A sport that involves, heavy lifting, strategy, endurance & speed

What are the benefits- maximal strength, muscular endurance, a broad range of strength abilities.


Athlete development

What is it- A bespoke training plan designed around your sporting requirements

What are the benefits- Reduced injury risk, improved sporting performance, performance monitoring, nutritional consulting, online video analysis & complete support.


What is it- A competitive and recreational measure of maximal strength

What are the benefits- Maximal strength, mental strength, postural stability, power development, muscle building.

Disabled Strength Sports

What is it- Powerlifting & Strongman for seated and standing disabilities

What are the benefits- Improved physical strength & function, competitive focus, improved physical fitness.(COMING SOON)

Morning Training Times

Tuesday & Thursday

Open on Request & 1-2-1 Training 6am-2pm





Evening Training Times

Monday to Friday


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